Afghanistan Yoga Meet Fakhria Mumtaz

Afghanistan Yoga Meet Fakhria Mumtaz

Afghanistan Yoga: Meet Fakhria Mumtaz
১৯ In 1977, when Fakhria Ibrahimi Mumtaz was conceived, Kabul was a mediocre mountain town, which many European travelers considered "fascinating" and a reasonable stopover in India's "Flower Child Trail" course.

Then photos from Kabul show kids in chim base pants and young women in short skirts and slick updates and walking down tree-lined streets. A yogi sitting near the Padma outside the roadside spread did not seem strange in those days. However, today, a notice in Kabul often looks at a completely different picture: war and the spread of structures without electricity or running water. Today, yoga and Afghanistan can be mixed with each other.

Until you meet Fakhria Ibrahimi Mumtaz, the woman behind the Mamtaz Yoga Center in Kabul - a studio that is still struggling with uncertainty in a nation where women plan to provide a safe haven for women to submit.

In 2016, I worked for one year in Afghanistan. Documenting my alliance every morning on the terrace of the Kabul home with a view over the Pamir Mountains helped me discover immediate equality and stability. Later when I found out about Mumtaz's studio through a sharing colleague, I was quick to meet her and I finally had the pleasure of talking to her. During our discussion, she illustrated the difficulty of showing yoga in Afghanistan, just as yoga had a positive impact on the woman she was working with. We begin by investigating Yoga's tough drawing on him, at any point before that he truly understands what Yoga is.

Mumtaz, a 13-year-old, is offering different types of scorpions.

As indicated by Momtaz, yoga was consistently a part of his life for all intents and purposes. He saw his more established sisters and siblings practice daily and recover warrior tactics, and likewise, he was not well before starting his own type of physical practice.

As we talked, he reviewed those early days when he was regularly and naturally moving his body to various positions. Some of which took after the seats. "I didn't realize that one of the positions I was doing was the presentation of yoga," he said. "In fact, even in my family, I didn't have a Foggist idea. I just revisit my constant hopes at home" after connecting the spots between her youthful practice and control of yoga, in Pakistan, when a family colleague would have introduced her.

Mumtaz pulled in and included a meaningful giggle with the phrase, "I was brought to earth as a yogi."

১৯৯ In 1996, before the Taliban took over the capital, his family fled Afghanistan and joined countless evacuations leading to Pakistan's Peshawar.

In Pakistan, as a young man, Mumtaz thought about drugs, which his family believed he would try after him. "I didn't consider myself an expert," he explained. "I consider myself a social major." After being ousted from the Taliban government and allowed women to work once more, his family returned to Afghanistan in 2002 to rebuild.

Her enthusiasm for positive social change and her connection to women's regular experiences led her to open her yoga focus in Kabul over a long period of time, making it a place for women to come together to offer, offer and benefit from training. As we speak, she illustrates the problems that women are facing in present-day Afghanistan: "It's very difficult to be a woman in Afghanistan. There is a lot of abusive behavior and social awareness at home against this nation's women, and I need to be part of them to shelter them throughout my life, And this is why he needed to train other women. ”Pleasant c after my team Rin and the enthusiasm to see the woman I really appreciate, "said Mumtaz.

His enthusiasm for positive social change and interfering with women's common experiences led Mumtaz to open its Yoga Focus in Kabul in 2016, creating a place for women to gather, offer and benefit from training.

At 28, Mumtaz began showing only yoga classes for women at the Valence clubs in Kabul, as gender discrimination has been applied separately in Afghanistan. A section of women was familiar with training at the time and went to yoga classes while abroad.

These were the first lessons that illuminated Mataj's own studio, which currently has morning and night classes for women of all ages and foundations - office workers, housewives, college students, teenagers. Mumtaz clarified that what keeps things below her back is the significant and positive impact that yoga has had on their lives. He portrayed how yoga relieves one's lower limbs and soothe it

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