Mula bandha is one of the three "locks" utilized in hatha yoga to locally contain the progression of vitality or prana. The three bandhas are ordinarily utilized in cutting edge pranayama, yet mula bandha can likewise be viably utilized in asana practice. Mula bandha can be performed in a physical and outside way captivating the skeletal muscles; it can likewise be felt as an unpretentious and inner lively process. Mula bandha ought to be drilled separately from the outset, and after that it tends to be joined with the different bandhas, asanas, pranayamas and in the long run mudras. 

To connect with mula bandha, breathe out and contract the muscles between the pubic bone and the tailbone, pulling the perineum up in towards the mid-region. As you pull the pelvic floor up, feel the lower profound muscular strength connect with and pull towards the spine. At first you should get the rear-end and the private parts, however after some time chip away at loosening up these regions and detach the perineum (the space between the butt and private parts). Mula bandha can be locked in from 15 to 100 percent of the constriction and can either be held for whatever length of time that conceivable or utilized by musically captivating and discharging the compression with the breath. Try not to strain while holding, or hold the breath in or out when drawing in mula bandha. 

Utilizing mula bandha with yoga stances has numerous advantages. It enables work to center body quality, empowers you to hold the stances longer, ensures the low back muscles and makes the stances more secure. Mula bandha likewise builds your vitality and imperativeness, and improves fixation and mental lucidity. Utilizing mula bandha to help the asana from your center body enables the distal muscles to unwind, empowering the body to utilize less vitality to hold the stance. 

While utilizing mula bandha with asana can expand center steadiness, it must be completely drawn in when the spine is straight and long. It is likewise hard to feel and experience the fiery impacts of this bandha when finished with yoga stances, so it is prescribed to initially rehearse mula bandha in a situated reflection present

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